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A Grande preview was promised and here it is Past Velogames Spain: Velogames 2020 The best possible team from Calum Lonie: If you're making your @velogames team for Spain 2021, here's last year's best possible team, in case it helps: AR: Primoz Roglic, Marc Soler C: Richard Carapaz, Dan Martin, Hugh Carthy (Wildcard) S: Jasper Philipsen U: Tim Wellens, Felix Großschartner, Max Kanter 15406pts, 100cts — Calum Lonie 🇮🇪🇨🇵🇪🇺 (@CalumLonie) August 11, 2021 Primož Roglič 3733 Richard Carapaz 2877 Marc Soler 1226 Hugh Carthy 1910 Dan Martin 2211 Tim Wellens 838 Jasper Philipsen 880 Felix Großschartner 1282 Max Kanter 449 (unclassed sprinter!) Score: 15406 Cost: 100 You can check the pricing and detailed velogames points here Velogames 2021 Here is the best possible team courtesy of Jeremad awesome algorithm Best possible team for La Vuelta ciclista a España: Primož Roglič 3403 Adam Yates 1611 Miguel Ángel López 1385 Enric Mas 2267 Fabio Jakobsen 1420 Jack Haig  1720 Magnus